Welcome to Chronicles of a Global Security Advisor

This site is designed to inform like minded security professional globally, or those just starting out in the industry. There are many useful features published on this site that will help a security professional with their daily tasks. The following is a brief description of what you will find here.

This map shows where I have been and stories associated with each country visited. Just click the country and  you will be taken to a story providing it has been published.



The blog portion of the site, which contains stories of my personal adventures throughout the years. In this blog, you will find the chronicles of my various missions with adventures, some great and sad stories, meeting and re-meeting new people from all over the world. Perhaps some learning techniques such as how to develop a positive work-life balance. Far from perfect, there are some aspects to this life that we continue to learn and re-learn, we are not all perfect. A new blog post will be published every third day.

** Disclaimer ** All of the information used in my posts, including photos, templates, documents, etc. are already public knowledge and have been posted on other forms of social media.


These pages are designed to provide valuable tools that I have acquired over the years. There are various templates and training material available ready made to help create a positive security risk management plan in your organization. There are also some industry standard protocols and policies that could be useful in assisting draft your own personal standards. Finally, there are some articles that I have found insightful to helping me operate in various contexts.


Information about who I am can be found here. Also, if you, or anyone you know, is seeking a consultant, there is information on what services I can provide. I am far from retired and always looking for new opportunities that will generate new stories to be shared.

The objective is to offer a site that will provide up to date information to assist any professional in the field or preparing to deploy for the first time. In security, I am a firm believer of information sharing where sharing is caring. I do not believe that security is “secret” in terms of developing plans and assessments. If there are good tools out there that I find, I will definitely post and share.

This would be an ideal world if all of were to come together and harmonize our work. The two greatest disappointments I have found over the years is that many organizations tend to guard their material when it could be standard setting and that there is no security cluster system in the SPHERE standards. Why not have tools that we can all read and understand right across the board.