Colombia CSR Workshop

I was not back in Costa Rica for more than a couple of weeks before I was back on a plane to Colombia. This time it was for a workshop. World Vision was starting to roll out many new security strategy in Security Risk Management.

Departing Costa Rica on June 27 for a two and a half day workshop in Bogota would be fun. I enjoyed Colombia the first time around, and although shorter, I was looking forward to returning. My colleague, Sean, who I met at the Florida SRMT/HEAT would be facilitating. At that time, Sean was still the Strategic Security Analyst and I would assist with the facilitation.

Participants at this workshop included all of the security managers and focal points in the Latin America and Caribbean Region. Neither Sean and I spoke Spanish, so we needed a real time interpreter. The workshop was held in the same hotel I stayed at the previous time in Bogota, the Suites Jones Hotel.


I was able to assist due to my previous work in Colombia and working with this new strategy. I had received a very good review from one of my peers:

“The purpose of this report is to acknowledge the great work done by Laurence recently with his CSR assessment of Colombia.

The CSR assessment process is still in its infancy in terms of how it is actually implemented ‘on the ground’. At OCS [and as CSR project manager] we  are heavily reliant on the skill, professionalism and all round commitment of those completing assessments in order to get the job done.

As you know Laurence has spent the last couple of weeks in Colombia completing the CRR, SRA and CSR process. He has now got this to a point where it is awaiting sign off and approval from the National Director. Having seen the documentation prepared by Laurence I have been impressed by the level of detail and thoroughness he has displayed.  He certainly shows an in depth understanding of the CSR process and great awareness of the requirements for being a  professional security officer. He has proven to be a very reliable and trusted member of the WV security team.

I also appreciate the assistance Laurence has offered for the upcoming CSR workshop and his general willingness to support OCS with its security endeavours within LACRO. I’m sure he will apply the same high standards to the training and help make the workshop a success.

Good work is often taken for granted or passes by without recognition. I hope this message ensures that the recent work completed by Laurence is duly noted and in some way contributes to his overall career development.” – Neil B

Workshop Objectives

The security risk management workshop consisted of understanding a three tier approach. This approach includes Context Risk Ratings (CRR), Security Risk Assessments (SRA) and Core Security Requirements (CSR). Ahead of this workshop, the strategy had only been trialed in a few select countries. I had rolled this out in both Haiti and Colombia and was happy to be part of the workshop team.

Sean and the Office of Corporate Security (OCS) had put in a great deal of time developing this strategy. The best part, it made security risk management less complex and manageable. Gone where the mass calculations, complex graphs and dynamic charts that would take days and weeks with a huge team. Now, the SRM process was streamlined with better understanding.

Like all workshops, a scenario was developed and we had to complete the process of the new SRM approach.

Return to Costa Rica

This really was a quick trip in and out for this workshop. There was no room at either end for any touristic activities, which for this organization, was a surprise! I would return to Costa Rica on the morning of June 30. There were many things in the pipeline, a possible deployment to South Sudan, that never evolved.

During July I was enjoying my new apartment in Santa Ana and preparing for my summer trip to Canada to spend some time with my two sons.

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