I am a bilingual global security advisor with over 20 years experience in high risk and complex environments. Having a sound and complete understanding of security risk management in the field, the security risk management process, threat analysis and mitigation as well as detailed security planning. Strong capabilities of assessing, evaluating, and drafting detailed emergency evacuation plans, contingency plans and business continuity plans.

An experienced trainer in Hostile Environment Awareness Training, Security Risk Management Training, Security Awareness in National Theatre Training specializing in various themes. These themes include the Security Risk Management process, Conflict Diffusion, Hostage Survival, Personal Security, Civ-Mil-Pol Relations and others. Expertise in developing, instructing, and leading using multiple methods of delivery and motivational styles.

My analytical skills provides for flexible thinking to effectively drive for positive outcomes in complex, high-pressure competitive situations. A highly focused, adaptable, and outgoing professional whose oriented and versatile characteristics have been proven through the consistent on time delivery of quality products.

A respected leader with a commitment to knowledge sharing. Wide-ranging technical background, including over 20 years of hands-on experience with computer hardware and software at all levels, from programmable logic to system administration. Thrives as a go-to person, assisting coworkers and customers solve problems and achieve their goals. Is a certified peer supporter in crisis situations.

If you wish to retain my services as an independent contractor for any of your security needs, I am available. My services include:

  • Security Assist Visits – Auditing
  • Opening a new office
  • Security risk assessments with full security plan production
  • Evacuation planning
  • Training

Global Experience

Americas Africa Middle East Asia
Mexico Kenya Jordan Nepal
Guatemala Senegal Lebanon Thailand
El Salvador Niger Syria Singapore
Nicaragua Nigeria Iraq Malaysia
Honduras Mali Turkey
Costa Rica Central African Rep UAE
Panama DRC  Afghanistan
Colombia Sudan
Ecuador South Sudan
Haiti South Africa
Dominican Republic

My daily rates are competitive in the industry. If you wish to learn more about my services, please drop me an email for a personalized quote.