Settling In – New Team

Settling In

Following the Christmas/New Year break in Canada, I returned to Costa Rica in early January 2011. It was time to start settling in to my new surroundings. I had my new house to focus on and getting to know more about Costa Rican culture. Continue reading → Settling In – New Team

First Week in Costa Rica

Kaithan’s Visit

The first week in Costa Rica was an adventure. Kaithan had arrived on December 14 and would be with me until we both flew up to Canada on December 21. World Vision has a policy that allows your kids that are under 21 to visit twice a year, fully paid. So, we took advantage of this to allow him to come down and see Costa Rica. Continue reading → First Week in Costa Rica

Enter the GRRT

Costa Rica Bound

As negotiated in my contract with World Vision and the Global Rapid Response Team (GRRT), I was Costa Rica bound from Haiti. With my six suitcases, I boarded my flight in Santo Domingo after my self extraction on December 10. My route took me through Miami, where at that time, I had to collect all my luggage and recheck it. No such thing as checking through back in 2010. Continue reading → Enter the GRRT

Haiti Burning

2010 Haitian Elections

The Haitian elections were scheduled for February of 2010, but delayed as a result of the January earthquake. Held instead on the 28 of November of the same year. Continue reading → Haiti Burning

Liebster Award Nomination

I did not expect that someone would nominate me for Liebster Award, the fact that I am only a newbie in the blogging world. I am delighted to receive an award nomination from Angel Lou at She blogs about where she shares her life experiences, love, travel, beauty and insights about almost everything except politics. Continue reading → Liebster Award Nomination

WV Three Emergencies

Three Emergencies in One

2010 was a busy year without doubt in Haiti. In addition to the earthquake, we were presented with two other emergencies. In October, Cholera struck the island nation followed almost immediately by Hurricane Thomas. Continue reading → WV Three Emergencies



In early September 2010, I went on mandatory security training. There were two parts to this training, Security Risk Management (SRMT) and Hostile Environment Awareness (HEAT). Still new to World Vision, I was excited to be attending a training event. These two courses are done back-to-back during a seven-day period. Continue reading → WV First SRMT & HEAT

WV Haiti – The Good Times

The Good Times

The nice thing about working on this response were all the good times. Not only was each day different and challenging, but rewarding. Rewards came in many forms, job satisfaction and end of day parties. Continue reading → WV Haiti – The Good Times

WVOCS – Haiti Hostage Survival

WVOCS Hostage Survival

In July of 2010, we embarked on a new training for our international staff. As the kidnapping threat in Haiti was high, hostage survival was an important skill to learn. Prior to the training, my team (Dominique) were quite active in securing a venue. Continue reading → WVOCS – Haiti Hostage Survival

WV Haiti R&R – Vacations

All Inclusive Vacations

Earlier I mentioned some of the perks of my Haiti deployment. One such perk were the vacations! Every six weeks we had a paid R&R and every three months back to home point location. Some home point locations were as far as Australia and New Zealand. Continue reading → WV Haiti R&R – Vacations