2012 Completion

2012 Completion

Mombasa was not my final trip of 2012. Now in late November, I would have time to enjoy the Costa Rica summer before the 2012 completion. Paula and I had moved in together prior to the Mombasa trip. I moved out of my small apartment in Santa Ana and we found a nice apartment with a view of San Jose. Continue reading → 2012 Completion

Two Panama City’s

The Two Panama City’s

Following my trip to Oxford, I had another short turnaround in San Jose. It was now mid-August of 2012 and I had trips lined up to the two Panama City’s. Yes, it can get confusing, and I have many times been trying to get to one of them only to find my booking to the wrong one. Anyone flying to Panama City needs to check their tickets carefully. Continue reading → Two Panama City’s

Canada Leave

Canada Leave

July in Costa Rica was relatively quiet. Many of the staff take their leave periods in July and August, making the office a rather quiet place. I had been on a standby list to deploy to South Sudan shortly after returning from Colombia, but that ended as quick as it started. So, I could now think of spending a week with my kids in Canada. Continue reading → Canada Leave

Cape Town

Cape Town

A month after our sub-team meeting in Costa Rica, it was time to head to Cape Town for our annual HOp’s meeting. On May 8, 2011 I boarded my flight from San Jose to start the journey to Cape Town. My route took me through Atlanta and across the big pond to Johannesburg. From there, on to Cape Town, arriving on the 9th in the evening. Continue reading → Cape Town

CR Team Event

GRRT Team Meeting

Back in Costa Rica following my trip to Nepal, it was time to gear up to meet more of the team. Our sub-team was heading to Costa Rica for our team meeting. Continue reading → CR Team Event

Nepal RDMT

Nepal RDMT

Japan was really a bust for my first deployment with the GRRT. It was nice to get into Singapore and spend some time with Brendan but I was looking forward to heading to the Nepal RDMT. Since the sponsorship office in Japan took the bulk of the response, there was not a lot to do for us in Singapore as mentioned. Continue reading → Nepal RDMT

Settling In – New Team

Settling In

Following the Christmas/New Year break in Canada, I returned to Costa Rica in early January 2011. It was time to start settling in to my new surroundings. I had my new house to focus on and getting to know more about Costa Rican culture. Continue reading → Settling In – New Team

First Week in Costa Rica

Kaithan’s Visit

The first week in Costa Rica was an adventure. Kaithan had arrived on December 14 and would be with me until we both flew up to Canada on December 21. World Vision has a policy that allows your kids that are under 21 to visit twice a year, fully paid. So, we took advantage of this to allow him to come down and see Costa Rica. Continue reading → First Week in Costa Rica

Haiti Burning

2010 Haitian Elections

The Haitian elections were scheduled for February of 2010, but delayed as a result of the January earthquake. Held instead on the 28 of November of the same year. Continue reading → Haiti Burning