Lake Naivasha National Park

Lake Naivasha National Park

Departing the shortest deployment ever in the Sahel, I left for Nairobi on May 16, 2012. This would be a good trip for a dual SRMT and HEAT course. The best part of this trip would be the finale after the training. Most of the trainers would take a day to adventure in Lake Naivasha National Park. But the training would be first on the docket. Continue reading → Lake Naivasha National Park

Wild Ride, Honduras

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

It was nice to have been able to spend a month in Costa Rica before my next trip. I had a deal of administrative tasks to do from the previous year. I was also planning now for my first trip in Central America since Colombia a year earlier. This time, Tegucigalpa, Honduras was on tap. Continue reading → Wild Ride, Honduras

South Africa II

South Africa – Again

When the first part of the CISM course was completed, it was back on the road. Flying from Cyprus back down to Cape Town, South Africa for two reasons. It was again time for our annual Humanitarian Operations Team meeting and some training. Continue reading → South Africa II

Phuket, Thailand (Part II)


The morning of November 19, 2011, we gathered in front of the Grand Mercure hotel to board the busses for the Holiday Inn Resort Phuket Mai Khao Beach. SRMT over, we were in HEAT mode, in our lovely military style uniforms and ready to train. The lime green busses were waiting to take everyone to the new venue in luxury and comfort. Continue reading → Phuket, Thailand (Part II)

HARD Finale

HARD Finale

Following my vacation in Spain, it was time to get back to it on the HARD response. This would be the finale, the last 6 weeks of my deployment, which would take me into November. There were only a few things during the final six weeks that really stood out in my mind. Continue reading → HARD Finale

Nairobi HEAT

Nairobi HEAT

Having returned to Nairobi on August 20, I was ready to assist with the Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT). Before the Nairobi HEAT, I needed to settle into my new apartment in Westlands. My apartment at the Gardens Apartments was a two bedroom on the sixth floor of a six story building. The thing with Nairobi, however, no elevators! This meant stairs and lots of exercise…just don’t forget anything! Continue reading → Nairobi HEAT

Haiti Burning

2010 Haitian Elections

The Haitian elections were scheduled for February of 2010, but delayed as a result of the January earthquake. Held instead on the 28 of November of the same year. Continue reading → Haiti Burning

WV Three Emergencies

Three Emergencies in One

2010 was a busy year without doubt in Haiti. In addition to the earthquake, we were presented with two other emergencies. In October, Cholera struck the island nation followed almost immediately by Hurricane Thomas. Continue reading → WV Three Emergencies



In early September 2010, I went on mandatory security training. There were two parts to this training, Security Risk Management (SRMT) and Hostile Environment Awareness (HEAT). Still new to World Vision, I was excited to be attending a training event. These two courses are done back-to-back during a seven-day period. Continue reading → WV First SRMT & HEAT

Afghanistan – A New Skill – Training

Afghanistan was a training mission that came out of the blue. I had been home from Haiti for less than a week when I received a call from a gentleman named Steve. He said he was from a company then called Armadillo at Large. To this day I have no idea how he had received my name, but I am certainly glad he called. Continue reading → Afghanistan – A New Skill – Training