Wild Ride, Honduras

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

It was nice to have been able to spend a month in Costa Rica before my next trip. I had a deal of administrative tasks to do from the previous year. I was also planning now for my first trip in Central America since Colombia a year earlier. This time, Tegucigalpa, Honduras was on tap. Continue reading → Wild Ride, Honduras

South Africa II

South Africa – Again

When the first part of the CISM course was completed, it was back on the road. Flying from Cyprus back down to Cape Town, South Africa for two reasons. It was again time for our annual Humanitarian Operations Team meeting and some training. Continue reading → South Africa II

R&R – Spain

R&R – Spain

After the safari day with Doug, it was back to the response. The time in Nairobi was pretty quiet and I was beginning to prepare for my first R&R. Instead of returning to Costa Rica, I decided to take my vacation in Spain. Since R&R was a paid vacation all in, why not take advantage of seeing new places. Continue reading → R&R – Spain

Nairobi Safari

Nairobi Safari

By this point I was starting to forget that we were in the middle of a category III humanitarian response. Having had the whirlwind trip from Canada via Costa Rica and a week in Ethiopia, time was moving. Following the week of Hostile Environment Awareness Training, it seemed only fitting to go on a Nairobi Safari! Continue reading → Nairobi Safari

Nairobi HEAT

Nairobi HEAT

Having returned to Nairobi on August 20, I was ready to assist with the Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT). Before the Nairobi HEAT, I needed to settle into my new apartment in Westlands. My apartment at the Gardens Apartments was a two bedroom on the sixth floor of a six story building. The thing with Nairobi, however, no elevators! This meant stairs and lots of exercise…just don’t forget anything! Continue reading → Nairobi HEAT

Ethiopia – HARD Response

Ethiopia HARD Response

Part of the HARD response included Ethiopia. Tristen and I had arrived in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia shortly after midnight on August 15. Our mission was to perform assessments of the two Dolo’s in South Eastern Ethiopia. What I remember most about arriving in Ethiopia was the flight attendants announcement. She informed the passengers that we were to refrain from smoking until we were off the plane. Continue reading → Ethiopia – HARD Response

Kenya – HARD Response

HARD Response

On August 4, 2011, I received the call that I was deploying to Kenya as part of the HARD response. This would be my official deployment with the GRRT. The Horn of Africa Response – Drought, HARD as it became known, was based out of Nairobi, Kenya. Having been on annual leave in Canada when I received the notice, I had to make a quick turnaround. Continue reading → Kenya – HARD Response

Canada Leave

Canada Leave

July in Costa Rica was relatively quiet. Many of the staff take their leave periods in July and August, making the office a rather quiet place. I had been on a standby list to deploy to South Sudan shortly after returning from Colombia, but that ended as quick as it started. So, I could now think of spending a week with my kids in Canada. Continue reading → Canada Leave

Colombia SRM Workshop

Colombia CSR Workshop

I was not back in Costa Rica for more than a couple of weeks before I was back on a plane to Colombia. This time it was for a workshop. World Vision was starting to roll out many new security strategy in Security Risk Management. Continue reading → Colombia SRM Workshop

Colombia South

Colombia Tourism and South Region

The long weekend in Colombia following our trip to Barranquilla was not uneventful. Gersain thought it would be good for me to get some tourism in while I was hotel stuck. Before our trip to the South Region of Cali and Popayan, there was much to do over the weekend. Continue reading → Colombia South